Wesley 2

NRP's current armour


After having brought back the remaining loyal members of the original Nythos, the group has reformatted the colour scheme; changing their colour from an indigo blue to a purple. NRP is currently in the process of building a base.


The Nythos Resurgence Protocol (NRP) is a military splinter group founded by Vincent Cundey, Wesley DeVinna, Bastian Carfagno, and Gorthrek Dagmar (In ranking order). NRP is a revival of the Nythos Strategic Union, originally led by Razor Freng and xsander Sohl. Containing the original members who did not defect, they now hold themselves in the veteran group Taste_The_Indifference. Based upon the original Taste_The_Difference, which was lost when Seitosus cancelled his account.


NRP was officially created on February the 17th 2014, by Vincent Cundey, Wesley DeVinna, Bastian Carfagno, and Gorthrek Dagmar. Aimed at making significant technological advances within the SLMC, Nythos currently sets the standards on armour functionality. 

The T'Vira Citadel

NRP's current base as of 2014.


Currently in the process of being revamped, Nythos contains two major sectors, each one housing a different purpose for a different problem.



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