Octopia a futuristic city, with a minor cyberpunk feel, located in the Seonbawee sim. It is a relatively new build, and still attracts relatively small amounts of traffic. It includes a mall, where space can be rented, as well as a bar and bigger storefronts.


The creator, ruler, and administrator of Octopia, Octal Cyr, has often been praised for her availability and talents. Other members of the management can often be found making minor changes, or just lounging around


Octopia is constantly changing and evolving. Underneath the current Octopia is what will soon become Octopia 2.0, another futuristic city, divided into two parts: Upper and Lower Octopia. Whilst Upper Octopia will retain the feel of the current build, Lower Octopia will take much more on its original cyberpunk influences, giving it a much more dystopian, midgardian look. The build should be finished in early 2007.

External Links

World from my Window:Octopia Octopia featured in the popular SL news source, New World Notes

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