Onder Skall (December 15 2006) is the avatar of Caleb Booker, Chief Operations Officer for Clever Zebra. As a new media expert, he spends his time helping people and businesses find their way in virtual worlds.

Prior to establishing his presence in virtual worlds, Caleb spent time in various technical work and investigating early Internet activities like LambdaMOO and the creation of the World Wide Web. Over the past year he worked at Metaversed as News Editor, uncovering the hard facts about virtual worlds and how they will change the way we all do business in the coming years.

Most recently he has been involved with the development and creation of Clever Zebra, where he currently serves as the Chief Operations Officer. He brings to the company a wide range of skills and services – logistics coordinator, events producer, virtual world researcher, and occasionally a live interviewer. Some of his accomplishments include:

- Alternatives to Second Life — a research essay of various virtual worlds and their comparison to Second Life.

- News Editor of

- Producer for Metanomics and Virtual Business Innovators series

- Writer for Second Life Herald and New World Notes

- Reporter for the Virtual World Podcast

- Creator of Second Life Games blog

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Clever Zebra

Second Life Games

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