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There are two ranks within the Operator tier; these are sandwiched between the "Moderator" and "Enlisted" tiers. Currently an unpopulated title, the Operator tier is an equivalent to that of a "Warrant Officer" (A rank frequently used within conventional military groups).


The term "System_Duties" is often used in reference to one of the key tasks given to those of Operator rank; it is a task that corresponds relatively clearly with the rank title itself.

Essentially, those of the said tier are required to operate various pieces of the two communication systems (Ventrilo and Hamachi) - a seperate and brief course is given to all those passing through the tier.


Fort Haskins (And all pieces of Nythian Territory that have been updated since the 14th November, 2009) is divided into "Points" -designated areas where Personnel are required to perform defensive, offensive or ritualistic tasks. Upon becoming a member ofthe Operator tier, an individual is tasked with managing a point in some fashion.

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