Orcadia was an estate of Second Life owned by Otenth Paderborn, located to the west of the mainland land masses at coordinates 882,1024.


Orcadia lies off the west coast of Heterocera (also known as Dualatoll, or the Northern Continent of the Mainland) at coordinates 882,1024.



Wyre is the oldest settlement and capital of Orcadia. In the harbor of Wyre is the Isle of Aud.


Giverny is located to the West of Wyre.


Murdann is located to the North of Wyre.

Origin of the name

Orcadia is a back-formation from the name used by residents of Orkney to describe themselves: Orcadians.

The name of the real Orkney is first recorded by the ancient geographer Claudius Ptolemaeus (born AD 90, died AD 168), who called them Orcades. The old Gaelic name for the islands was Insi Orc which means the "Island of the Orcs". An orc is a young pig or boar. When the Norwegian Vikings arrived on the islands they interpreted the word orc to be orkn which is Old Norse for pinnipeds or common seal. The suffix ey means island. Thus the name became Orkneyjar which was shortened to Orkney in English.

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