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In the summer of the sixth year of the twenty-first century, the military powers of the world had all but been completely dominated by the highly sophisticated, elite democratic organization known as the Alliance Navy. Through several armed conflicts, the Alliance had secured a strong foundation and a reputation for combat prowess. However, political strife within the upper echelons of the admiralty soon brought about a rapid decay that undermined the achievements made through the bloodshed.

A member of the Alliance high command by the name of Shadow Keegan became disillusioned, and, by June of that year, launched into open rebellion. With a collection of his personal followers, Admiral Keegan splintered from the Alliance Navy, founding what was known as “The Alliance Navy II.” Under the claims of wishing to return the Alliance to simpler, less bureaucratic days, Admiral Keegan formed a pack with the land baron Dirk DaSilva. With DaSilva’s assistance, the rebellion became the controlling force behind the territories of Venuma.

After a series of costly raids against the Alliance Navy, it became clear to Admiral Keegan that combat alone would not achieve his goals. Under the orders of the admiral, Commander Fladara Eingarme recruited the help of a bureaucrat named Aryte Vesperia from the Valley territories. With his assistance, the Alliance Navy II began aggressive diplomatic functions with organizations abroad, motivating a larger movement in hopes of turning the tide through unifying the many factions that had opposed the Alliance in the past.

Ambassador Vesperia’s influence expanded as Admiral Keegan became wary of the possibility of a coup within his own ranks. Whispers of discontent had become prominent, pointing directly to the Alliance Navy II’s second in command—Fladara Eingarme. In July, Shadow Keegan became increasing irate as paranoia set in. Outraged at the idea of his own officer staff may be involved in a plot to overthrow him, Admiral Keegan provided Aryte Vesperia the capability to appoint and dismiss mid-level positions at will. The coup came to a head in late July: with the support of Dirk DaSilva, Commander Eingarme demanded that Keegan be deposed and that she be instated in his place.

Fate, however, appeared to frown on the notion. At Keegan’s insistence, Aryte Vesperia made an appearance at the mob rally and stood by to observe the proceedings. In a curious twist before the climatic end, an officer by the name of Ethan Schuman broke from the ranks and proposed that the former ambassador be appointed. Overwhelming support poured in from the many NCO’s appointed by Vesperia. The coup crumbled into pieces. Aryte Vesperia put his retirement plans on hold and accepted the promotion, claiming the status of admiral. Enumerated with the ability to enact change without interruption, the new commander worked feverously to pull the Alliance Navy II away from its founding. Months of policy were destroyed overnight and a nonaggression pact was signed with the Alliance Navy. To complete the transformation, the organization was founded over with a new name: the Venuma Coalition.

Expansive reformation swept throughout the ranks, changing all angles of the group. Professional routine became a norm, with the development of quality uniforms, training routines, and a sophisticated air force.

Prosperity inspired a sense of despair within the would-be commander. As the infantry division’s lead, Fladara Eingarme quickly became dissatisfied with her unsuccessful coup. With a small band of treasonous assistants, Eingarme broke away and took refuge within the city of Venuma, forming the Advanced Military Logistics Movement (AMLM). Admiral Vesperia condemned the act and deployed his newly formed air force alongside the elite Coalition NOVA team. After a bitter battle, the AMLM surrendered and dissolved. Although Eingarme escaped capture, her followers were summarily rounded up and executed for treason. Confident the situation had been resolved, Aryte Vesperia embarked on a leave of absence to visit family abroad.

In Vesperia’s absence, the gravity of the treachery quickly became apparent. Dirk DaSilva, the territory governor of Venuma was persuaded by Fladara Eingarme to evict the Coalition’s officers and support her attempt to seize the organization. Enraged upon hearing of such a betrayal, Admiral Vesperia systematically dismantled the Coalition—proving quite clearly that DaSilva had made a grave error in judgment: support had not wilted, but grown for the deposed commander. On the eve of the Coalition’s demise, the remnants gathered together and adopted a vision far beyond their simple beginnings: imperialism.

The Novus Ordo Imperialis was born in the baptism of battle, with the founding and subsequent inhabitation of the Macaroth territories. Free of commercial filth and the grip of false enterprise, the fresh organization was completely self-sustainable. Growth and development quickly repaired any damage done, surpassing even the highest expectations during the Coalition era. Alongside the recently rebuilt Merczateers and the former enemies in the Alliance Navy, a tri-party campaign cut Venuma into pieces over the period of several weeks. Fladara Eingame’s Malibu Defense Force was annihilated, leaving the entirety of the Venuma territory in bankruptcy and ruin.

The success of the conflict forged together an unlikely alliance; the big three: the Novus Ordo Imperialis, the Merczateers, and the Alliance Navy. Widely known as the era of the superpowers, the neutrality and mutual bonds provided the opportunity for expansion, but generated a very real sense of boredom. Disagreements between the Alliance Navy and the Novus Ordo Imperialis quickly deteriorated into a spiral back towards conflict. The Alliance Navy asserted their influence, going so far as attempting to create a rift between the Novus Ordo Imperialis and the Merczateers. But their efforts proved to be without gain, as a more pressing concern had taken its toll upon the NOI. Aryte Vesperia, tired with the burdens his unexpected career had bestowed upon him and the unrewarding spectrum of the military community, submitted his resignation and peacefully bowed out of the scene in order to gather himself. In the wake of his stepping down, the remaining high command of the Novus Ordo Imperialis decided to follow suit, closing the doors of the organization on the evening of November 5th, 2006.

Passion flickered quickly; ambitions not easily set aside. But a month later, the weaponry development company Titan Industries was founded in the region of Ratin with much of the former military’s staff filling its employee rosters, including Aryte Vesperia as the president. Over the period of the next six months, Titan Industries remained an active addition to the commercial venue, allowing for the development of advanced materials and the time for the former command of the Novus Ordo Imperialis to situate their personal concerns. Meanwhile, a war had broken out between the Merczateers and the Alliance Navy; a war that saw many of the loyalists of Titan conscripting themselves to the aid of the Merczateers, fueled by the desire to defend their historic allies.

That desire came to a head in April of 2007, with the enlistment of Aryte Vesperia into the Merczateers. Soon after the full weight of the veteran staff of Titan Industries followed, bolstering the front against the Alliance Navy alongside their longtime friends. Although, the manner of the former Novus Ordo Imperialis members and that of the Merczateers differed widely, causing clashes to the point that they summarily resigned to avoid the degrading of the all-important relations. Fueled by the taste of glory and the rush of combat, droves of former Novus Ordo enlistees sought to see a return to their roots. They sought to see a rebirth. Backed by the technological giant of Titan Industries, steeled by the experience of the veterans of the Novus Ordo Imperialis, and inspired by the promises of glory, the Ordo Imperialis rose to its feet and locked away the deluge of disillusionment. After months of preparation, on November 5th of 2007, the Ordo Imperialis formally declared itself operational and rejoined the forefront of the military community.

The valiant Merczateers were handling the conflict abroad against the Alliance with commendable triumph. With the combined forces of the Merczateers and the Ordo Imperialis, combat against the Alliance Navy was nearly always on the offensive perspective. Before the new year could come about, political strife had replaced armed conflict, bringing about the age of the treaty groups. Two fronts had formed: first, the Ascendant Initiative, an organization based about the preservation and upholding of the STABLE (Standards Treatise on Armaments, Behavior and Limited Engagement) treaty. Shortly thereafter, the Iron Symphony was formed, a military alliance based on the belief of fair play through honor and cooperation, not hard-line dictation.

At the forefront of the Ascendant Initiative stood the Alliance Navy and various support institutions. The Symphony's peak consisted of the triumvirate between the Ordo Imperialis, the Merczateers, and the Militant Collective. Today, the Iron Symphony continues on, stronger than ever. Unfortunately, the Ascendant Initiative dissolved late into 2008, leaving a myriad of splintered smaller alliances and individual organizations.

With faith in our hearts and purpose in our minds, we exist today: steadfast, upright, and prepared to meet any challenge put in our paths.

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