We were a tribal group the pan's to be exact. We grew made other tribes assimulate into us if they didn't they were exterminated. We made our huge city Coreyan at the center of our continent but as all great Empires still we had resistance. Years later the reisistance leader Sepaul Nova hacked into our network of screens in every city, and gave the slave army ideas. Simple propaganda posters "Disobey" "Pandorium is a lie" "Rebel!" So they did. Soon we were pushed back. We decided it was time we launched the S.S. NewHope into space where we could be self efficient until the right time came. To retun for our revenge, to retake what is rightfully ours.

That day has come. With the planet in chaos and total anarchy we have landed our drop ships and are taking back what once is ours.

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