The "Penguin Gang" was a military group in early 2005. It was founded by Super Penguin and Anthony Lehane. It could be considered the greatest military the Second Life grid has ever seen. It reigned supreme for several months until the command decided to shut it down for the sake of everyone's safety - its power was that great.


The Penguin Gang was forged by the pure, unbreakable will of Lehane and Penguin. After searching endlessly for a parcel of land, Meribel was found in the frigid south. Emperor Lehane constructed the headquarters with his bare hands, while Super Penguin created an arsenal of high-tech weaponry. When the fort was complete, both leaders went and looked for volunteers. With this new army, the Empire flourished, gaining land and wealth to all that lived under the banner of the Penguin.

One foe was the Costello Mafia. The Costello's were a family of wealthy crime bosses. They had a mansion on a hill overlooking Meribel. Knowing the danger this mafia posed to the free world, the Penguin Gang declared war. Special forces teams, disguised as a delivery truck, breached the outer perimeter of the mansion. Their goal was to capture one of the leaders sons. Resistance was light, and the mission succeeded, but there were casualties on both sides. Upon returning to the headquarters, the prisoner was put in a cell while the group held a funeral procession and mourned their lost comrades. Eventually, after weeks of continuous fighting, the Costello family could no longer afford to keep the war going. The Penguins were victorious.

Although the success of the Penguin Gang has gone unrivaled until today, there was one important internal affair. After the Costello Conflict, Penguin Psyzan Matador became disgruntled with the group and began to cause trouble. Eventually, he faced a court-martial, and it was decided he had committed treason. The group gathered behind the building, and he was executed by firing squad for his crimes.

The group continued for some time, before the Command had the realization of what a danger it was to society, should they be corrupted by power. The decision was made to disband the group for good. The flag was lowered for the last time. Second Life has yet to be the same without the Penguin Gang there to guide it.

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