Tina (PetGirl) Bergman

Swedish designer/artist/marketing specialist Tina (PetGirl) Bergman has been in SL since February 2005 and has made quite a name by very actively pursuing both short- and long term projects.


  • The EXAKT shop in SL for exclusive design of lamps, interior decoration and furniture - Verloren 216, 30, 33
  • Design and construction of SL houses -->> and stores, such as PrimaDonna, Pham Neutra's private house, and Estrelle Fauna's private house. Built Second Life's largest pool (now gone) at Doyle for Script Shark.
  • Light-setting specialist, with numerous assignments where the ambience is of importance.


  • Art projects/installations, such as Pixels in the wind (during Burning Life 2006) and Dance (the first hit-and-run art burglary in SL). ”Drive safe in Second Life” (March 2007), an interactive multimedia perfomance artwork, occured both in Second Life and the Second Citizen forums.
  • SL marketing of Sweden and the Swedish; example: arranged the first genuine Swedish Lucia party in SL, in cooperation with Phreak Radio, in December 2006. Swedish Midsummer, Swedish nationaldress.



Wikipedia Resident Listings.

Article about Second Life Featuring Petgirl (in Swedish).

Avastar Article (PDF Format).

Metaverse Messanger Article about Swedish influence in Second Life (PDF Format).

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