Phat Cat's is one of Second Life's most successful formal jazz clubs. It was founded by Dilbert Dilweg and Charity Colville it was later owned by Jody Huet, Barbarella Noel and Amethyst Jetaime. Brianna Talbot.The club is currently owned by Stephano Zepp who has restored the clubs granduer and popularity.


Phat Cat's plays some of best jazz from all eras, played for guests who dance at the club and shop at The Courtyards at Phat Cat's.Wonderful Djs and live Music,24 hours a day.


Vendors include Details by Nonna Hedges and Nicanor Millions, as well as Zhao, My Precious

Place in Second Life

Phat Cat's Jazz Club is one of the top venues in Second Life, and has maintained a no camping policy for its entire existence. The club was renovated in 2008 to a style reminiscent of the birth of jazz, and restored in 2011 to full Ballroom . The club is featured in the Music section of Linden Lab's Second Life Showcase, and has received numerous reviews and accolades over the years.



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