Popsy Babii is a resident of Second Life. She is currently an active second life player who is a pilot in SLSN (Second Life Sky Navy).


Popsy was introduced to Second Life on the 4th of June by Terror Voom whom she knew in real life. On her arrival in SLSN she was laughed at for her ethiopian chicken like avatar. In joke of this she joined the Second Life Anorexics. Popsy chose to stay as a cadet for a few months as she 'liked the uniform', and as long as she got to keep her plane, the SLSN 'Tomcat'. Later when the base was reorganised she became a pilot.

Gaining a Persona

As an avid collector of freebies, Popsy was always changing her appearance, even in the midst of battle. After her breakup with marriage partner Terror Voom she joined the Alpha Marines in a hope of avoiding him, under the impression he had joined the Alliance Navy. There she had a marriage with Alpha Marines co-leader Foz Mainline only to break the marriage by mutual agreement after her short BDSM phase. Also while at the Alpha Marines she purchased Linden Dollars for the first time and made a quad cat alter ego named Furry Whitfield.


Although Popsy and Fox were civil to each other after their breakup, Popsy refused to follow his commands, which led to her being banned from the SIM, Tatakoto. Shortly after she was allowed back in, she joined the Alliance Navy for a brief period until she quit out of her dislike of the harsh regulations. After her resignation she spent large amounts of time at the Linden Village plot Karen Linden's Place, Grasmere.


Soon after her resignation, Popsy applied to be a Second Life Mentor as she spent large periods of time helping newbies in the public help areas. She spent her remaining energy building clothing and flexihair to destress. She was soon accepted into the Second Life Mentor program and became a member of Surreal Sandbox.

Current Activities

On the re-establishment of SLSN Popsy got back to her roots and the avatars she knew as a pilot and freelance builder. She currently helps newbies at Orientation Islands, Pilots for the SLSN and in her free time builds dark outfits for herself. Popsy is a practising Wicca.

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