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There are two different account types in Second Life. A premium account costs $9.95 a month (or $22.50 quarterly or $72.00 annually). Premium accounts enjoy the full benefits of SL, including being able to buy/own land and receiving a weekly stipend. A L$1000 "signup bonus" is given on when 45 consecutive premium days are achieved and the weekly stipend is L$300. Land ownership is based on a tier system: the amount you pay to hold that land depends on the amount of land you own and what tier you are in.


  • Able to buy/own land
  • L$1000 signup bonus received when 45 consecutive premium days are achieved.
  • A weekly stipend received every Tuesday.
    • Premium Accounts registered prior to 21 July, 2006 receive L$500.
    • Premium Accounts registered between 21 July, 2006 and 6 November, 2006 (inclusive) receive L$400.
    • Premium Accounts registered on or after 7 November, 2006 receive L$300.


  • None.

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