(Previously Best Cars), 'Pro Street Cars' is a established vehicle brand in Second Life. In 2007 the brands founder, TerdNerd Barbosa, created prim models of highly sought after super cars. He later took advantage of the then new medium 'sculpties' in 2008 and produced many best selling cars through 2009. In 2010, Scholes Devin (TerdNerd's brother), took over a majority of the responsibility for the brand and its product line, renaming it 'Pro Street Cars'.

Pro Street sells a collection of the older Best Cars products as well as a new line of sculpted and mesh vehicles. These include retro and current style sports cars, trucks and emergency vehicles. Recently in 2012, Pro Street released several vehicles aimed at the modern emergency roleplay market within Secondlife. Pro Street has an affiliate vending program as well as multiple established spots grid-wide and is known as one of the major vehicle manufacturers within Second Life.

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