An Unofficial Haunt of the RCAF in Caledon SteamSkyCity run by Thadicus Caligari. The Prop Spinners Pub (often called The Pub) is built in an airman's club motif around the RCAF. The Prop Spinners Pub exists in the main flying SteamSkyCity build just down the hall from Governor Desmond Shang's office.

The Prop Spinners Pub holds listed events between the times of 6pm and 9pm SLT on Sundays. Live musicans are often scheduled during the 6pm to 7pm time slot. From 7pm to 9pm SLT Eudyptes Bergson DJs music around various genres from Blues, Classic Rock to Celtic Rock and Big Band Jazz. He has been known to mix genres up around a theme often.

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