Pyo Minghuang

Pyo Minghuang

Pyo Minghuang was the owner of 'Pho Phuc Li', a Vietnamese restaurant located in the region 'FurRub' (commonly known as 'The City of Silverdale'. Pyo's resturant was often full of 'live' chickens and was under tough scrutiny of the local health inspector. This lead to the shutdown of his original resturant several times, even earning him recognition on the frontpage of the 2009 NTBI publication 'The Silverdale Daily'.

Silverdale Daily Edition 1

"Pyo in the news"

He later operated his restaurant in 2009 at SZYM Tower in Celaeno and was the staff cook for NTBI employee's. He is a recognized Roleplay Legend, entertainer as well as a all-round good guy.

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