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In-World-To Outworld Blogging: Jarod Godel (January 16, 2004)

Broad/blogcasting of an event out-world: Jarod Godel (Cory Linden's pre-1.3 Town Hall, March 4, 2004)

Avatar/User In a Newspaper Interview: Sinatra Cartier ( News Article)

Resident to do TV Interview About SL: Bel Muse (Direct Video Download)

Connect With Dialup: Shebang Sunshine

Outside ChatRoom: Shebang Sunshine

To use VOIP to chat in Conjuction with SL: Mickey Roark and Bel Muse (using e4Chat)

SL Radio Station: Kerstin Taylor (used Live365)

RL Building Tutorial: Tcoz Bach (Made in Director)

Merwan Marker & Awakening Avatars Quoted in REUTERS SL Virtual Land Boom Article: 6/03/04 ( Article)

Philip Linden (Rosedale) Appears on CNN Headline News: 6/04/04 (Forum Link: Post About Interview also Direct Video Download)

First "Forum Party": 6/15/04 (with DJ Feliciaa Feaver)

First Linden In IRC (#secondlife on Efnet): Phoenix Linden (6/15/04)

Computer Destroyed By Trying To Run SL: Michi Lumin

Person Crazy Enough To Login To SL With a PDA: eltee Statosky (early march 2004 w/sony clie nx60 + wifi + palmVNC) (and no it wasn't fun, but I was able to say hi to kex)

Real Life Survival Financed By L$: Little Geo Sanchez, living in a poor village on the Philippines, has become the first person whose monthly food, clothing and education depends on revenue earned in Second Life. His sponsor, a well known designer and land broker, has been supporting him with parts of her profits since May 2004.

International Female Liaison: Nicole Linden (from Australia)

International Male Liaison: Nigel Linden (from the UK, also the first International Liasion)

Person to connect to SL from a ship on the Atlantic Ocean: James Miller (using a satellite telephone connection)

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