"Altogether more than two years of service. The Merczateers made me what I am now. Too bad that there are some problems that made me leave. I'll never forget my time there." -Ranga Surtees


  • Max. Rank: Práporshchik (Warrant Officer, WO)
  • Roles:

-Support Head DI

-Support C.A. (Corrector Assistant)

-Certified Recruiter

  • Class: Support, Assault, Komissariat.
  • Joined: (Not specific info, he joined twice)
  • Resigned: 29/8/2009
  • Merits:

-Battle Merit - Class One

-Dress and Appearance

-Good Conduct

-Defense Proficiency Merit

-Gadgeteer Merit

-Dedication Merit

-Activity Merit

-Operation Iron Overture

-Melee Proficiency Merit

-Communications Merit

-Assault Proficiency Merit

-Medic Proficiency Merit

-Breach Merit

-Infantry Distinction Merit

-Drill Instructor Merit

-Character Merit

-Commander Merit

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