Rei Kuhr is typically a tiger (although in recent times, due to lack of new tiger avatars, he wears a kani bunny avatar). Currently he is a Centurion (officer) of Ordo Imperialis, in the division Astra.


Rei started out in SL under a separate name, in September of 2004. Going by the name Jenos Stygian, he spent a week wandering SL. However, due to high priced items, the smaller community at the time, and a general lack of idea of what SL was all about, he quit shortly thereafter. It wasnt until 8 months later, at the urging of friends, did he return to SL under his current avatar.

The first few months of SL were spent exploring the grid, which at the time was abundant with clubs. Having no preference for standing around with a dancing animation and/or without clothes on, he quickly moved on to search for something else. Eventually he found about vehicles, and stumbled across a place called Abbotts Aerodrome, where he would eventually amass a virtual fleet of personal aircraft. He spent much of his time flying around the grid of SL, even circumnavigating the entire mainland in both air vehicles and submarines. It was his flying around that eventually brought him to a place called Luskwood, which for nearly a year after his entrance into SL became his unofficial home. It was there where he met the first person to influence his lifestyle on SL.

Abbotts Aerodrome

Rei first became involved in Abbotts Aerodrome when he had a chance meeting with one of it's founders, Cubey Terra, in Luskwood. Cubey offered Rei a chance to test pilot one of his then new designed, the Comorant flying submarine. For a couple of months, Rei continued to be Cubey's test pilot for various aircraft like the Tigershark. Eventually Cubey offered Rei and Arrekusu Muromachi a chance to become event coordinators for Abbotts Aerodrome, where a series of successful skydiving and building contests were held. After a few weeks of doing contests, Rei decided it was time to move on to other things. He continued to test pilot for Cubey for many months afterwards, but active participation at Abbotts Aerodrome had all but ended at this point.


Once again, while exploring the grid, Rei found another group of influential people. This time it was not by air, but by water, as he was navigating the seaways of SecondLife. Upon coming to one of the few points in SL where the water level drops off dramatically, Rei decided to stop and take a look around. He eventually entered the sim Duck, where a group of people were in the process of building and having fun. This was the PlanetFurry group, with Maxx Mackenzie, Scifer Fielding, TxGorilla among others were present. Maxx and Rei instantly formed a solid friendship, and Rei decided to spend more and more time here, until it became his official home. He also realized that this group also had a love of exploring SL in vehicles. From the modest home of PF was born a group that would eventually become the CloudChasers, from also which many vehicle designs were born.

Ordo Imperialis

Ordo Cross

Ordo Imperialis Logo

Eventually though, even flying wasnt enough to keep Rei interested in SL. With the growing lag problems, and desolation of the mainland, he was contemplating taking a long vacation from SL when one of his friends, Cade Stirling, dropped by to say hello. Seeing Cade decked out in what looked like an impressive tabarded armor suit, Rei inquired as to where Cade had acquired the outfit. Cade mentioned to Rei about the group Ordo Imperialis, which piqued his curiosity. Having an interest in all things military, it caught his attention. But previous interactions with a group called the Alliance Navy back when he was working with Abbotts Aerodrome gave him pause, as up to this point he considered all military groups as quasi-griefers. He agreed to go with Cade to the Ordo's home sim, Titan. Upon seeing the group the first time, he noticed that instead of being a bunch of people running around rampantly with guns, it was instead a professional group of people who generally acted in the manner that a military should. He also took note that Aryte Vesperia, the leader of the Ordo Imperialis, was someone he had met nearly two years prior as a land owner. It was here that he was given an application to join the Ordo. Still with the cautious worry of joining a group that could very well turn out to be like those he's seen before, he took several days to think it over before finally figuring that if it wasnt worth his time, he could always leave. This proved to be a wise decision, as it has kept his interest in SL good for quite longer than he expected, and where he met a number of good and influential people.

Upon finishing his training, he was briefly within Ordo's ground forces, Terra, until he decided to renew his love of flying by transferring to Astra. He earned his wings fairly swiftly, and within a month he was now a Corporal and within the Aces group. Two months later would see him rise to the rank of Warrant Officer, and two months after that as an officer. Within 6 months of joining the group, he became a Centurion of Ordo, commanding the aerial forces of the mighty army.


Currently Rei is still commanding Astra of the Ordo Imperialis, although he divides his time between the Ordo and building a stable personal life.

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