Revenant Graves is an active member of the Second Life military role-play community, leader of the Erebus Initiative and a former Kommand member of the Vanguard Armed Forces.

He began his Second Life on a different account, created in early 2004 (which he states he "Promptly deleted," when he was reminded of its existence), he spent a great deal of time in welcome areas before discovering the Military Role-play community.

Prior to joining Vanguard he could be seen mostly as an anthropomorphic raven, but now changes avatars constantly; most keeping the theme of black hair and red eyes.


Revenant Graves was once a member of the Ordo Imperialis, only achieving a rank of E-2 (Just above being accepted into the group.), due to him never being on sim or at military raids.

Prior to December 23rd, 2009, Revenant Graves was a Kommand at the rank of Brigadegeneral (K-1, Brigadegeneral) in the Vanguard Armed Forces. He was the Adjudicator, the Divisional Head rank of the Vanguard Militarpolizei (Military Police).

After pressure from all sides, Graves defected to join the newly formed Remnants of the Broken Cross, which consisted mainly of former Erebus Initiative Officers and Commandants.

On January 11th, 2010, Revenant left Broken Cross along with many other Officers and Generals after an internal dispute.

On January 24, 2013, he rejoined the newly reincarnated Erebus Initiative, promoted to leader of the group on Feburary 21st, when his partner Lillium Supermarine stepped down.

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