A long-term resident of Second Life, known for his commitment to the furry lifestyle on the Teen Grid, and for having a numerous amount of alternate accounts.

Was once known for being one of the few to run Furry Plateau [FP], later resigning back to his generally anonymous role on the Teen Grid.

Also took place in watching over the FurNation [FN] and Furry Plateau [FP] cross-over sim in its short existence, he was known for being very into his work, and usually didn't let a single thing slip by, staying up through the night, making sure no one caused trouble. A testimony of his friends and local residents alike.

Rey Dumouriez

Standed out in the furry community for several years, soon resigning from Teen Grid residence, almost instantaneously after the end of Furry Plateau [FP] in November, of 2008.

Reincarnate of which now resides on the Main Grid as Furry Enigma [FE].

Somewhat recently discovered to be roaming the Main Grid.


Was usually found somewhere isolated up in the sky, working on project after project.

"I'm not really good with prims, I'm pretty much obsessed with detail."

- Quoted from Rey Dumouriez on October 7th, 2007.

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