Rez in Second Life means to create or to make an object appear. Rezzing an object/prim can be done by dragging it from a resident's inventory or by creating a new one via the edit window. The term "rezzing" can also be used for waiting for a texture or object to load, such as "Everything is still rezzing." or "Your shirt is still rezzing for me."

Taken from the movie Tron's term "de-rezz", which roughly means to dissolve in a certain way.

Temporary (on Rez) is an object state/parameter/property that will delete the object after a set period of time (varies; see link below for more info).

Example LSL Script



touch_start(integer num_detected)//Touch event


llRezObject("Object",llGetPos()+<0,0,2>,<0,0,0>,<0,0,0,0>,0);//This will rez the object named "Object" 2m above the object this script is in.




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