Richard Diller is an ex-Talon Commander and co-founder of The Black Talon, and one of the only 3 "survivors" of the mass banning due to Armegedon mk.1(Blue Backbite, t3hh4x Orr being the other 2).

Richard contributed to Black Talon in 2006 and early 2007. One of his most notable works was "Jerry", a cannon that orbited nearby avatars.

Richard was known for a short while to be against Martial Logan for undisclosed reasons. He was known to have deep connections with Kion Kuhn, and Madmanmike91 Nabob, two people whom he considered his only real friends. Kion had been talking with Richard on and off until he disappeared after Martial was banned for the creation, distribution, and use of his sim crasher known as the [Aux] [Armageddon] [MkI]. Richard subsided into the shadows, and all the rest only wondered where he was. Richard turned up two and a half weeks later after contacting Kion Kuhn on a tuesday. Information recovered; Turned out Richard had never left second life, he had been underground with Martial Logan's alt. account, soon after, it was requested upon Richard that he join BM as an arcanist for New Rome. Information between then and when Richard was pulled out is fuzzy, and unclear. Richard was pulled out when he attained rights to the BM martin land. Diller was instructed to delete the base and lay down a New Roman flag, over the week end BM was without anybase, and retreated to a Black Talon base in Gordon. t3hh4x Orr returned monday and reconstructed the base from his inventory. BM laid in silence for several weeks afterwards. Nothing has been heard of any advancment since. This entire struggle and movment resulted in Diller being the most detrimental virtue in the struggle of BM.


Currently Diller is secondary Dominar of The Orion, operated and founded by Xanthos Exonar. This is Dillers last year on the Teen Grid before he will move onto the Main Grid. Rumor says that Diller will be starting Main Grid operations of Orion upon his transfer.

Note: Richard Diller has since moved to the Maingrid and resides as the air commander for Exilion Enclave.

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