Founded by Hakan Nori and Kevin Acorn, RSM was (and still is) one of a car manufacturing companys on Teen Grid. Competators included WillMart Motors owned by Will Szymborska and Luxury Motorsports owned by Darrien Doolittle. After LM became defunct, and WillMart closed, only to sell part of its product line to Alex Harbinger, RSM was one the only car companies left on Teen Grid, along with Banshee & Kovacs Motors which was owned by Shaun Banshee and Sin Kovacs.

Some of Hakan's builds include his various drifting cars, and super cars. Hakan's last build, based on a Ferrari Enzo, was sold at his main location on Teen Grid. Hakan Nori left the Teen Grid in early 2008 for the Main Grid,  taking RSM from the teen grid. The only remaining car manufacturering companies left on the Teen Grid were 'Banshee & Kovacs', 'Avtre', owned by Johnathan Doolittle, and 'GCM Teen', owned by Sin Kovacs.

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