Sim Rating: PG


Ritch is a sim covered almost entirely by two large establishments: Sapphire Moon and Casa Del Sol. Even so, there is still a large amount of open land which makes this sim look attractive and uncluttered.

Historic Landmarks

  • Sapphire Moon: A very large and classy looking casino. It appears devoid of the usual camping areas, and caters to those who come to gamble. The lower floors are fairly standard fair. It has games you would expect to find in a casino: blackjack, slots, video poker, Texas Hold'em, and Higher/Lower. On the top floor there are very high stake games, some with minimum bets of up to L$10,000. You can see the top five winners in the casino on a number of large boards, with total winnings of L$3,874,158 at the time of this writing. If you've got a huge wallet, and a love for gambling, a stop at Sapphire Moon might make your day.
  • Casa Del Sol: A sprawling mall with diverse offerings. While it still seems to be under contruction, there are already quite a few stores and vendors already selling their products, with more spaces for rent. On one side of the property, there is a complex treehouse being built as well.

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