Ron Bleac is currently a member of the Ordo Imperialis and an Evocati within the Praetorian Guard. He has had a long history of service in the Second Life military community. Recently, he has distinguished himself on his ability to lead and conduct raids in a very disciplined manner. He is also Finnish.

Ron Bleac is an Epic Troll

While some people have built reputations based on lesser stuff, Ron Bleac has built his on the indisputable fact that he is a troll of massive and herculean proportions. This is, mind you, not the "i r trololol u" sort of troll, but rather a mythological troll, the sort one would find in the Finnish Kalevala, lurking in dark and forgotten places, feasting on the blood of the unwary and foolish, and doing other unpleasent things.

Ron Bleac is Finnish


Ron Bleac is Finnish. That is all the explanation this image requires.

Ron Bleac is Finnish, through no fault of his own. He is very sensitive about this fact, despite the generally positive associations with the concept. It also easily explains away many an eccentricity of his with a simple "Do not ask questions, he's Finnish." As he is Finnish, this means he is also Scandanavian, and thus also he is a Viking. It has not been ascertained at this time if Ron drinks mead or beer, but the general assumption is that he does.

The Epic of Ron

This is an epic tale etched across Ridnitsohkka mountain. Though there is no currently reliable dating available, it is notable that the carvings maintain a razor edge capable of cutting diamonds on. The gist of the poem is apparently a combination of boast and warning, notably an injunction of "Wary be ye, should ye meet the man Ron, for a mighty beard have he, and a mighty axe". Also notable is: "Verily he did battle with the Vittu Troll of Kaskinen, and with his great merriment was it shamed, and there was much feasting and upon the next night, a raiding party was organized, and there was much reindeer as well."

Historical debate rages to this day as to who the originator of the epic, and as to why anyone would note such adventures as "The Sauna House Debacle" and "Olavi Koskinen on vitun runkkari" which contains the beautiful introduction of "Helvettiin tämän mätä pikku paska, likainen ja haisi porojen siemennestettä. Olavi Koskinen paskat hänen sänkyyn, ja hänen tyttärensä antavat ruotsalaiset sukupuolitaudeista.", a line that reportedly made the Reindeer Herder who found it weep at the delicacy of it.

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