Rouge simulator, aerial view

An aerial view of the sim.
Image courtesy of CodeBastard Redgrave

Rouge simulator, at night

Rouge, at night.
Image courtesy of Corto Maltese

Rouge, the French translation for "Red", is a simulator owned by CodeBastard Redgrave who is also known by the nickname "Codie". The name is derived from Codie's last name, Redgrave.


The simulator resembles a slightly-bent women, supposed to look like Codie. It was built, styled, textured and terraformed by Eshi Otawara, one of Codie's close friends. It includes several rooms and places, one of which being the famous Code Red Lounge. Other places include the Boudoir Rouge Gallery Walk and the Rouge Boutique. CodeBastard uses the sim to hold events for her friends and admirers as well. It is said she is in talks to hold fashion shows and have regularly organized events to maintain constant traffic. Additionally, she will be opening a fashion boutique featuring the work of designers such as Tesla, Casa del Shai, Juicy, Bluebell Productions, Simply Silks, Callie Cline, and Alexx Markova.

The Grand Opening party was held on Saturday, July 5th 2008, and as expected, caused the simulator to fill up. The sim had events throughout the day, hosted by Queen Coronet and LadyArwen Demina. It was later opened to the public on Sunday, July 6th 2008.

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