The Second Life Military Community isn't solely known for it's activity in scripted/simulated combat in Second Life. Along with combat, there is a lot of political and social aspects that are very characteristic to the SLMC.

This page will display reports of political controversy. All articles written are not necessarily true or untrue.

Acts of Controversy

The following are acts of controversy known to create political drama within the Second Life Military Community or between military factions. Note that all "acts" may not be listed on this page.

  • Chatbugging
  • Account Hacking
  • Simulated sexual acts that disrupt the community
  • Embargo
  • DMCA/copyright infringement (mesh/content related).

Interesting Information

The following articles contain what we deem to be "interesting" information concerning the Second Life Military Community. As mentioned above - they may or may not be truthful. Please take that into consideration when reading.

"Watcher's Protocol"

In 2012/2013 there has been wide leaking of information. Particularly following the hacking of "iDestroyed Tommorow's" account, there were many other accounts compromised not mentioned simply due to not only privacy concerns, but the overall public awareness as well. Many players have considered this to be strategy of a player/players within the SLMC that were using chat-logged information to gain access to accounts in order to succeed in poltical agendas surrounding the SLMC and New Jessie.

To this day it unknown as to who was behind the leak of private account information and their motives, but what is known is shortly following these attacks New Jessie lost stable funding and thus the sim was closed and many factions followed.

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