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SalemAdams Wobbit is a Second Life resident, builder, scripter, and owner of Kusanaga and

History on Second Life

Salem used to be affiliated with FurNation and United Space Force when shi (at the time, he) started out on Second Life. Soon, shi left Second Life, as it didn't hold his interest.

After a while, shi came back, finding a place to stay temporarily, as well as getting back in touch with his friends at the time. Shi then found a place called Starfleet Command 2400 and where shi found some more friends. Eventually, after around nine months, shi left Starfleet Command 2400, for personal reasons.


Salem was in 2142, joined March 27, 2010 and resigned on February 17, 2012. Shi held the rank of 2nd Lieutenant Silver and was a Warrant Officer in 2142, before departing, due to political reasons. Hir personnel file is located on 2142's wiki.

Current Status

Shi is currently in the Ordo Imperialis, joined February 18, 2012, holding the rank of Discens (E-2), and is a member of Astra within the Ordo.

Shi currently lives at Sinners Bliss and a few other sims, with a bunch of hir friends.

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