Salvatore Otoro (June 6, 2006) is a role player, writer, photographer, and blogger in Second Life.

His blog, SecondLife Roleplay, was written in an easy to understand format as a tool to help new players learn everything about role play.  The blog includes examples, tips, a glossary of terms, personal accounts, and an ever growing list of places to buy role play items and places to do role play in.

Salvatore is known to role play in the City of Lost Angels, a free-form role play sim within Second Life.  In character, he is an Inquisitor of the Brood Demons of Lost Angels, one of the original factions in Lost Angels, run by Queens Charissa and Dori.  He is an incubus devoted to Lilith and a diplomat of sorts with an ease at getting others to do his bidding.  He can be very cruel and evil being devoted as well to Abaddon and engaging in wrath on occasion.  He serves and is loyal only to the Brood Queens.

Salvatore currently writes for avitaRPlay magazine. His past credits include Role Magazine, A Touch of Lace and 2 issues of his own role play magazine SLRP.  He belongs to several social networking sites including Facebook, Plurk, and Twitter.

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