San Carlos Flag

San Carlos Flag

The Banana Republic of San Carlos is a ficticious contry located in an island between the Yucatan peninsula and Cuba

Originally discovered by the Spanish Conquistadors in 1512, got its independence from the Crown of Spain in 1821 taking part in the Federal Republic of Center America, until it was abolished in 1838.

During the 19th century, revolutions and contrarevolutions was the country's main hobbie, where liberals and conservatives were too busy plotting, making coup d'etats and slaughtering each others than to rule the country.

In the early years of the 20th century, some democracy and rights were established, but the little gem of the Caribbean fell apart when a clique of corrupted politicos took power in 1925, making a mockery of the human rights and keeping the country in a long dark night.

Ever since, several attempts to restore democracy were made but all of them failed.

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