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Sandbox sims are Linden sims where the entire region is open for public building, with an autoreturn (currently 5 hours). There are a number of these sims on the Sansara continent (the "southern continent") and in the ocean around them. There are island sandboxes for experimention that might negatively effect the mainland if spread, as well as vehicle sandboxes and an area for testing weapons.

Current sandbox sims include the following:

Building Sandboxes

Former Teen Grid Sandboxes

  • Sandbox Island (TG)
  • Sandbox Island 2 (TG)
  • Sandbox Island 3 (TG)
  • Sandbox Island 4 (TG)

Premium Sandboxes (grouped four to an "island")

  • Sandbox Decorus (General)
  • Sandbox Lautus (General)
  • Sandbox Mirus (General)
  • Sandbox Peritus (General)
  • Sandbox Admiranda (General)
  • Sandbox Opportuna (General)
  • Sandbox Prodesse (General)
  • Sandbox Callida (General)
  • Sandbox Astutula (General)
  • Sandbox Pristina (General)
  • Sandbox Exemplar (General)
  • Sandbox Verenda (General)
  • Sandbox Mirificatio (General
  • Sandbox Artifex (General
  • Sandbox Formonsa (General
  • Sandbox Amoena (General
  • Sandbox Goyer (Mature)
  • Sandbox Teagano (Mature)
  • Sandbox Bricker (Mature)
  • Sandbox Colborne (Mature)

Vehicle Sandboxes

  • Balance
  • Bethel
  • Brilliant
  • Fame
  • Fortuna
  • Georgean

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