"Second in command" is a common rank for larger militaries, or militaries in which the owner is not always present.

Notable SIC's by country

Valkyrie Alliance

Black Talon

Underground Empire

Spartan Empire

Army of the Sith Republic

  • Unforgiven Destiny (Under Shawn Hutchinson)

New Rome

  • Ike Vaughan (Under Darckk Trilam)
  • Squed Plunkett (Under Darckk Trilam)
  • Junkfooddog Zwiers (Under The Emperor)
  • Cloud Koba (Under Junkfooddog Zwiers, then under The Emperor)
  • Kharne Spyker (Under The Emperor)
  • MichaelRyan Allen (Under Cloud Koba)

The United Federation of Sims

  • Kaiden Rexroth (Under Picard Zhu)
  • Tdub Dowler (Under Picard Zhu)
  • Riden Blaisdale (Under Picard Zhu)

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