Selo Wozniak has been in Second Life since 2008. He is the owner of SELO RENTALS which is currently located on the SIM Oceania in Surreal Chung Estate and SELO HOME DESIGNS which is on Marketplace: He is from Turkey and he speaks English and Turkish.


Selo Wozniak founded SELO RENTALS in 2008 and after running it for 4 years, he gave a break due to some RL issues (He finished another university and got a patent for Fully Automatic Ironing Machine meanwhile). Then he re-opened SELO RENTALS in August 2016. He currently has over 100 fully furnished apartments and sky-homes. He also sometimes offers free homes to new SL residents.


He owes a big thank you to Just Weymann, who sadly does not come to Second Life anymore, who taught him how to build and encouraged him to start his own business.

mollycactus Skizm is another Second Life resident he always remembers with gratitude. She is a great scripter and she has helped him have SELO HOME CONTROL SYSTEMS.

One of the best friends he has ever had in Second Life is Forceme Silverspar who has given him private lessons and he has learnt a lot about Second Life and she has broadened his horizons.

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