Seogwipo is on the southern continent of Jeogeot. It is a General or PG sim. It is bordered to the East by Jelloab, to the West by Jeolla, to the North by Tammora; to the South by Nampo. There is no Protected Land in the sim.

Almost all the land is occupied. The main landowners are Scire Gaea, who owns the wonderful Scire Gaea Park, and Francesca Alva .

Another notable resident is Erzsabet Bergbahn, creator of the SkirtMaker DLX and clockmaker extraordinaire.

Nerk Noonan, phtographer has a studio in the sim.

Until her death in 2010 loracenaj Ogg , Lora to her friends, lived here.

It may not seem very special to anyone who passes through - just another bit of Mainland - but it's home to us and we love it.

View details of the sim at theSecond life Grid Survey .

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