ShadowTec, An SL Military formed sometime in 2007 (Exact Date is not actually known). It's creation began with Jasyn Shepherd, who at the time was an Alpha Marines Lieutenant. He decided that he wanted his own army, and that he did not enjoy his current positon within the Alpha Marines. Jasyn, along with Ardor Kuhn (ShadowTec Second in Command) to develop the army with the support of their own weapons business, A.D Ltd. ShadowTec had a very peaceful nature in the beginning, like most SL Military's, they supported the AM in their war against the Evil Eagles, who at the time shared the same sim as the Alpha Marines, in Tatakoto.

But the peace between ShadowTec and the Alpha Marines was not to last. An S-T Recruit named Darakon Kayvon one day purchased the Alpha Marines land from a AM Marshal named Splinter Batz. The situation turned out to be that the AM Marshal had improperly sold the land to the Recruit without authorisation. The matter was soon settled, but not without the cost of a war erupting between the Alpha Marines and ShadowTec. The Evil Eagles decided to sell up their base to ShadowTec, thus, Tatakoto was divided into two. One Half belonged to the Alpha Marines, and the other to ShadowTec.

The war was unlike any of other, filled with people throwing abuse at one another and accusing either army of griefing. There were attempts made by both Army's to cease the behavior, but it would not hold. ShadowTec had grown in size several months into the war, and so did their land ownings, where they occupied sims on either side of Tatakoto. During this time, Members of either army left or defected, including ShadowTec's Me Haas (3rd in Command, but defected to the Alpha Marines).

The war carried on and on, until an argument erupted and Jasyn Shepherd resigned from his position. During this time, Ardor Kuhn became the 1st in Command, and Darakon Kayvon was promoted to 2nd (he was originally 4th, when the war started). Jasyn Shepherd returned to his position as General later on, and stated that he did not actually resign and commanded ShadowTec from behind the scenes. In Today's Times, the War carries on. Darakon Kayvon resigned from his position as 3rd in Command for personal reasons, and gave ShadowTec his official half of Tatakoto. ShadowTec continues to grow and develop to this day, and to proceed in their war against the Alpha Marines.

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