Kluskey Allen started SLAW (Shadow League of Advanced Warfare) with a 512 sqm base in Cascade along with CyberpheonixV13 Milestone. SLAW quickly grew to 100 members. Seth Fimicoloud joined SLAW and eventually became 3rd in command, but eventually left to join t3hh4x orr in BM.

SLAW started to come to an end at 11/1/07, Black Talon, DV, Sparta, HEX all planned a full raid to attack SLAW. This attack lasted days until 12/1 when the attack was called off and SLAW successfully defended their base. With Rome aiding SLAW to success, SLAW had reached the peak of its power. It was all downhill from there however, Kluskey Allen started to become very inactive. On top of this, SLAW lost its main tier donor because of family issues. The base was lost, and soon, the group was gone. Kluskey tried to bring SLAW back under the name of Fearless Legion, however due to land ownership issues with member CJ Petion's it hasnt happend. 

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