Air Division

The Air Division is one of SRs best units. The pilots are trained to do dogfighting, land support, air raids, and bombing. In recent months the Chief Air Commander Crimson87 Allen has tried to design his aircraft through modify proven air frames and testing them in combat.

Fleet Division

The Fleet Division is SRs most superior division in which a group of about 3-5 people man a ship. Known for the size of these ships their are greatly known within the Second Life Military Scene. The armaments can range from high caliber cannons, bombs and other sorts of weapons.Though fleet ships will be made once a sim becomes owned by the group.

Tactical Forces

Founded by Crimson87's Close friend Zabimato Outlander,Tactical forces was the ground back bone of Shadow Raiders.Though their weapons were basic compared to others the proved affective against all targets with grenade launchers that had good range and accurate scripts.Even though Sr is closed because of financial reasons they will return and bring justice back to the SL military community.


After the group was refounded by Zabimato and Crimson87 it took new roots in tutta panna where it all started.Though the parcel size shrunk it still proved and affective HQ.The main purpose of SR was to help allied forces defend their sims.PSC was their first major ally,they helped SR find a better base in their sim which name will not be disclosed.Demonspawn Kohime then joined after the alliance was formed.He is now an officer in steve319 Caos military UNIT.Though Zabimato has stoped useing that account and he is now on his alt Zushi Alter in mercz should he ever leave he will bring back SR and lead them to greatness. After the realialztion of a failing community Crimson realized that SR was bound to fail. As of early 2011 Crimson closed the doors and scrap the idea of SR.

Status: Unknown

Changing name to Shadow Raiders Evolution

New Divisions:

-Orbital Onslaught

-Armored Mobile Infantry

-Infantry Magnus

-Flight Maxus

-High Adminius

Current theme is still in a think tank but it will be a Space Styled base Design.

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