This game was made for liberate strees and relax from a hard day at your military. Don't think that this game is just shot noobs like nothing. This game is special and it can have big emotional effects on the players.

Game material: 1-A sim that is set in public acces and people can tp in and appear where they want to. (damage needs to be on to) 2-A spoiler (that machine where people puts money and it later blows up giving it randomly) 3-Machineguns,bolt rifles, pistols... whatever guns you can have.

How to play:

First stand with your friends in a single line all armed with the weapons reloaded and the safetys off (be sure to wear a nice formal suit). Once everybody is in line and armed, 50 meters away the sim owner rezzes the Spoiler. After the spoiler is rezzed all the members need to put 100 L$s. After every members putsh te 100L$s they need to aim to the spoiler. In seconds lots of noobs will appear trying to put money in the spoiler for get part of it when ti blows, in that moment ... FIRE AT WILL. Enjoy watching how the noobs start to shout like crazy over micro asking what's going on and hwo they avatar fly or run away like crazy for save their lifes.

Possible accidents: -One of your friends dies laughing. -You jizz whitout want to. -A noob attempts to report you to LL for use weapons in public area.

This game is 100% legal if it has been made with the sim owner. It can't be reported as: The sim had damage on and was set as mature sim.

Enjoy playing this game for free strees of a normal day in your military.

----Game creator: Gaffar Belar.----

Inspired by the SSLA-Z army.----

Creator opinion: Record it and watch it 3 times whitout try to laugh.

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