Shopping is one of the signature activities of Second Life, where stores contain content, whether created inworld or using other applications is sold using Linden Dollars. In general shopping involves looking at pictures or demos on vendors, right clicking to pay, seeing a dialog box to accept the transaction, and receiving a folder with the contents of what has been bought or an object that must be rezzed and then right clicked on, opened, and the contents copied into inventory.

There are a series of pitfalls that can occur in this process. These include accidentally hitting discard when receiving the goods, a failure of asset transfer, problems with Linden Balances, accidentally purchasing something by hitting return rather than cancel, or interposing prims which are set up to steal unsuspecting customers money. Another potential pitfall comes with using fast pay because it does not display the contents and permissions being purchased.

Because of this it is important to check the refund policy of the vendor, and the exact contents of what is being sold.

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