sk8er1323 Voom was created on March 3rd of 2007 he started out in a military known as the Arch Angle Militia led by Portacaro Makorav and Avatar Federal witch were his very first trainers and leaders during his time in "AA" he also went to other Militiaries as well one of them being The Black Talon he served in Talon during the time of Phoenix Magento one of the many leaders of the highly known Military Group.

sk8er ended up getting ejected by Richard Dillard for false accounts of treason and other false Rom ours that led him to leave to his third Military Valkyrie Alliance Led by LEO Damone and Vattic Gray. He joined VA in late March early April of 2007 in this Military he started out as Soldier the lowest rank of the Army after being trained by LEO Damone him self. he sooned grasped the real thing of what it meant to be apart of these Factions he was loyal to VA and AA and soon in mid 2007 he was promoted to the best and the worst times of his Second Life Career as VA Sergeant and Spec Ops Officer he remained here until late 2007 and then was forced to depart from AA because of Avatar Federals stupidity and "Romanizing" the group he remained with VA for a long while then went onto Bloodline by this time he was a VA Zealot and leaving VA for Josh Quinn or the first founder of Bloodline.

he joined and stayed until Bloodline began to die and went back to VA were he was given the rank of Sergeant and soon promoted to Zealot.

Early 2008 when AA died Unseen the Field Commander of VA back then him and sk8er had a great friendship with each other they were like one of a kind in battles there wernt any better soldiers in political arguments they could defend them selves to a fine line in early-mid 2008 Unseen Betrayed VA and sent it into an Inactive state soon after sk8er1323 Voom was appointed to be the main Captain of VA as his days as a captain were short he went through hell organizing the troops helping Leo with training almost all Trainees present with the help of Spartan Bikcin Joshua Sawchuck and Rj Pizzacato after these short weeks we has Promoted to Field Commander of the Valkyrie Alliance and thats were he stood until he was hacked and that ended his Career as a Teen Second Life Resident today Valkyrie Alliance, his home is still around though he is not apart it nor is his friend Anor Markova both have left due to their own choices.

He still watches over VA as a soldier and a friend of the alliance and will always remain there.

He promise never changed “As long as I remain on this grid VA will never fall.”- sk8er1323 Voom

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