SkyeFyreStorm Tigerpaw

Skye in Eden

SkyeFyreStorm Tigerpaw is a TSL resident who began gameplay on January 9, 2008. Skye is the owner of the store A Cerulean Blue and the co-owner of the store Swordplay with Mana Kira. She has been involved with many other groups such as [EK] Earth Kingdom, and various Bleach, Naruto, and Harry Potter roleplays. Skye built the private island Eden, which is owned by Fi Folland and is an estate manager there. She was previously an estate manager for the other Eutopia estates


SkyeFyreStorm Tigerpaw purchased the group [EK] Earth Kingdom, an Avatar, The Last Airbender roleplay a few months after beginning gameplay. She and a few other new residents created other groups to expand the roleplay groups. Skye lead the EK as the Earth Queen for nearly a year during which she shifted the role of the group from a military group to a hangout group. Notable persons who aided with this venture include: yvette Tempura, Luna Kangjon, Valery Ninetails, Auron Seagull, Jouwei Seifert, and Ishy Wingtips. Yvette built most of the building in the EK in a japanese style and Skye would add plants and rocks. This landscaping would eventually become Eden.

A glitch with the group wouldn't allow Skye to edit anything and eventually caused Skye to turn the group over to Ishy Wingtips.

Eden in August 2010

Eden in August 2010

Afterwhich Skye participated in and led many other groups until she and a friend opened a Diagon Alley for a Harry Potter roleplay. There she opened her first shop, Fyre & Ice. Fyre & Ice sold flying brooms. This went on for awhile until the Diagon Alley shut down and Skye rented her first parcel in Eutopia, a private sim owned by Fi Folland. Her shop, still called Fyre & Ice was built in an open, airy style that caught the eye of Fi Folland who had been thinking of opening a garden theme private island. Fi asked Skye to build it and Skye accepted.

Eden, which still exists in the Teen Grid is a private island made for avatars to hangout. It has an average traffic of 3,500. No part of it is rented out. It is mostly built by Skye, but builds by Killie Howlett, Sylver Bu, Ishy Wingtips, and a few others make up about two hundred of the four thousand prims.


Besides building Eden, Skye also takes building commisions. She has built for Club Eros, and multiple Anime roleplay groups.

Skye has a shop in Eutopia, A Cerulean Blue where she sells her builds. Things for sale include:

  • Swords, weapons
  • Trees, plants, etc.
  • Animation Overrides
  • Prefabs
  • Poseballs

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