Smuurf Aeon was the teenage scripter of the first made Copybot program, in 2007.

He scripted the export, and import function for the first made copybot, to convert an object from .obj to .xml.

Many people know him on the teen grid, because he was yet, one of the best copybotters around. He has never gotten caught until Linden Labs began tracking down every export, and every import which went through the Second Life servers.

Smuurf Aeon still plays Second Life, and has since had many accounts, which have all gotten banned as well. He does not copybot anymore according to him, but he instead uses exploits which change permissions of objects. "I can change a no transfer object to be able to become transferable, with all the scripts inside, without messing anything up. Creator stays the same, and same for no copy objects. I can make as many of them as I want, and give them out" -Smuurf.

Ever since he has stopped copybotting, he now fixes viewers, and codes for a few "rogue" (Illegal) viewers. He fixed the copybot problem that was going on with Emerald, during its first few launches, and has coded a part for the viewer VLife, which fell a few months ago. He now codes for HxO and SLP.

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