Hi Its Snoopy

I have so many awesome memory's in the world of Second Life. I don't think I will ever forget the awesome experiences Ive had.

I have come back to second life to find that my watermelon launcher I made all those years ago is still extremely popular with the newbies, and that's just great, although it seems someone edited it and redistributed it under their name. Second Life was a great game and still is. I can only look back now and remember the close nit community we had back in the beginning of beta. The game has taken a turn soon after its commercial release into a more adult type atmosphere. I really liked Second Life for its appeal to make things, to build, to socialize. Now it seems to be more of a sexual type experience. I came back and met lots of cool people and saw many cool things, but its not the second life I remember. I see good things for second life in the future despite the new feel to the game. Many people are flooding to the game and I still think its the number one online socializing game.

I hope to make stops in every so often in the future, please feel free to contact me in-game.

Snoopy Pico

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