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SoulBinder Wolfstein is a former member of the Novus Ordo Imperialis and is a Centurion of the Terra division of the Ordo Imperialis (formerly the Novus Ordo Imperialis, the Venuma Coalition, and the Alliance Navy II). In the Ordo Imperialis he was first assigned to Legion I [(Acies Equitas)] as a Decurion Sergeant. After a number of Centurion's were unable to continue with the position in Legion II [(Offensio Levitas)] he was promoted to the rank of Centurion and took command leaving Acies Equitas and rejoining his former NOI legion.

After many months of service and with the retirement of Legate Xang Xiao, SoulBinder advanced in rank to Legate and was given command of Terra. He held this position for a few months before Xang Xiao returned to the Ordo and SoulBinder stepped down to once again serve under his former commanding officer. He is a close friend of Xang Xiao and was the best man at his wedding.

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