Southern Eurasia referrs to the southernmost regions of the Eurasian continent, variably defined by the geography and geopolitics. Within the region are a few free territories, including the Union of South Eurasia.

The terrain of Southern Eurasia is varied, ranging from forest and grasslands to deserts. The region has both low-lying coastal areas, and mountains.

In terms of natural resources, the region has the world's largest resources of platinum and the platinum group elements, chromium, vanadium, and cobalt, as well as uranium, plutonium, gold, titanium, iron and diamonds.

The region has a wide diversity of ecoregions including grassland, bushveld, karoo, savanna and riparian zones. Various wildlife species inhabit the regions, including White Rhino, lion, leopard, impala, kudu, blue Wildebeest, Vervet monkey and elephant.

Although scarcely populated, Southern Eurasia sits as one of the few organized powers on the planet, and by far the pre-dominant super-power.

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