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The Spanish SL Army (called SSLA) is a Second Life(SL) military group founded first with the name of "Comando Kindoor" over the 16 of June of 2007.

Base link: Fletcher Christian sim.


Nowadays the SSLA form part of the EUROFOR, an alliance within conventionals armys in SL. From apart SSLA have others alliances like:

-Exército Brasileiro

-Deutsche Bundeswehr

-SL British Army

-Special Assault Team

-Forces Canadiennes/Canadian Forces

-French Second Life Army (FSA)

-Stargate SGC

Ranks (In Spanish)



-Teniente Coronel






-Sargento 1º


Oficios MPTM (Militar Profesional de Tropa y Marineria):

-Cabo 1º





-Engineers (Comandante alvaro)

-Infantry (General juanhemp)

-Instruction and Recruitment (Capitan Pachi)

-Makinaria (coronel vegetix)

-Legion (Capitan Zoilo)


Tanquetas BMR

BTRs: stationeds in Fletcher Christian

Order by the Comandante alvaro210193 Martinek, is the division whic do the specials equipments like tanks, helicopters and a lot of things.

Murdoc Hammerer is the second order in that division, he build guns and avatars equipments, helped by the Comander; also Gaffar Belar is a gun and vehicle builder.


Order by the General juanhemp McMahon and with a slogan: "The biggest honor is dead in the combat" ("El mayor honor es morir en el combate"). That division include the instruction and rectruitment, one of the most important division in the beginning of a soldier in the SSLA.

Instruction and recruitment

See infantry.



A flat in the sim "Somerset" was the place of meeting of the "Comando Kindoor".


That was a low prim parcel where we suffered griefers attacks.

San Placide

In that base we only stay over 2 weeks because an avatar put things of push and hugeprims in our parcel and we can't return it because he has power over the region.

Global City

The owner of that region get on well with us and he join our army for do specials operations. One day, this base was small for us, and then we buy the low prim region Fletcher Christian.

Fletcher Christian

There the base looks like a french base of the Second World war, we hold a lot of months fithing alone.


Our new base. Was build be Comandante Alvaro and whit a little help of Gaffar Belar giving Ideas and makign some things.

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