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SpikeTheCat Zapedzki, nick-named "SpikeTheDyke" or [STD],is a resident of TSL. People often confuse her gender, as her avatar is a male furry. Occasionally, they think she is a homosexual guy with a really girly voice. She is currently the owner of the store "Standard Tech Designs", and shares a store in Leviathan with Goku Neumann.

Pranks, Ect

  • Spike's been known to pull pranks on hir friends, such putting a pie on their crotch or face while they are AFK or oblivious.
  • Known to build random objects, such as urinals, gas pumps, and telephones.

Spike is an active member in the Spartan Empire, along with Furry Plateau. Spike has an Alternate Account of Retro Riggles.

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