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The "Stargate Multiverse RP" or "SGMu" has been created in the first quarter of 2017 in the hope of launching a new era of Roleplay based over the franchise of Stargate.

Using builds made by the community and the creators of the RP, Patrick Kazan and Vala Avro started with few simple ideas.


The idea is simple, having a group in Second Life that can host anyone, from any part of the planet to come and participate in any Stargate like situation moderators and creators would make around the locations they have in their hands.

Moderators would be able to create events without approbation of the creators to make the group 'alive' as much as possible.

The group itself would be open to public, no restrictions or recruitment, once the moderator has put enough trust in someone, that person can then be assigned the role of "Roleplayer"

Even if you don't have the Roleplayer tag, you can still participate as a Visitor while waiting your final status.

It is highly recommended that you speak English or use a translator as it is the most universal language that exists on Earth.

It is proven that practicing english during Roleplays improves your english skills and grammar if this is not your mothertongue.


What a roleplay would be without roles ? Anyone joining the "Roleplayer" role inside the group can choose his background story, race, skin and size... As Stargate is in different universes and worls we cannot assume that robots with feelings never existed or ponies... Just don't be naked, please.


Currently SGMu have these following locations :

  • Atlantis (/d Atlantis)
  • SGC Station Carter (/d SGC Station Carter)

They plan to 'rez' on demand different locations like :

  • SGC
  • Icarus
  • Abydos


A Stargate roleplay would be nothing without a proper stargate, thanks to Alpha-fox ( we have those working.

Custom mesh models have been used over Atlantis, those were made by Connor Adored (connorjadored).

Usefull Links

Join the group (SL): secondlife:///app/group/4f13e9da-0ff9-67b1-5516-e9b1f5cbdeaf/about

Over mySecondLife:

Visit Atlantis:


-Coming Soon-


  • Patrick Kazan - SGC Station maintainer
  • Vala Avro - Atlantis maintainer & builder
  • BenjaminBalan2 Resident - Builder and hoster of Atlantis

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