Stillman is home to the Linden-owned Free Bazaar, a place where anyone can place items that they want to share with the entire community. Only 'free' objects are allowed at the bazaar.

Historical Landmarks

Evie Fairchild's Home
In the southwest corner of Stillman which, on the second floor, contained a cool mini-map of Elysian Island (Cayman).
Oneironaut Escher's Escherland builds and Cannabis Carnival
Removed in late '03 or early '04 and replaced by Dan Rhodes serene forest.
Stillman Sun Tower
An observation tower on the south face of Stillman Mountain.
The Green Lantern Corps Headquarters
Was on the eastern shoreline of Stillman. Structure was moved to the new home in spring of 2007.

Current Landmarks

The Bazaar
Still growing and ever changing assortment of free items.
Cyrus Apollo's House
Perched on the top of Stillman mountain, it's been a landmark in Stillman since late September '03.
Castle Blackmoor
Probably the newest addition to Stillman, the castle sits in the northwest corner of Stillman. Still under construction.


Stillman Overview- March 2010

Overview of Stillman (looking east), March 2010

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