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Stuart Warf (Rezzed May 2nd, 2006) is a Podcaster and Blogger who is the most notable for creating the SL Podcast Network. He also is a contributor for the Treet.TV show Music Academy onLIVE.


When the podcast scene began to notice Second Life, Stuart Warf decided to join and see what the virtual world was all about and continues to roam the world to this date. During his time in the virtual world he has done various things such as running a club, hosting gameshows but mostly podcasting about Second Life.

In July 2009, he began contributing segments for Music Academy onLIVE with Benton Wunderlich.


Stuart Warf originally joined Second Life to join the community who joined as a result of Adam Curry and Leo Laporte talking about the virtual world on their respective shows.

In August 2006, Stuart Warf and Gomem Desoto formed The Podmafia Podcast which is a show primarily about Second Life and current events / exploring Second Life. The current hosts are Stuart Warf and Yxes Delacroix.

On January 15th 2008, Stuart Warf launched the SLPN Podcast Network which is a collection of various Second Life based shows that relate to the metaverse. It currently holds 17 podcasts of varying nature relating to the virtual world.


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